‘The 100’ Review: “DNR”

There are six days left until Pramheda arrives and the world burns. In this episode of The 100, “DNR”, many characters contemplate how they should spend their final days. Ilian is content to lie around at home, free from alliances and war. He tells Octavia there is “not much point in fighting” when the world is ending. But Octavia can’t turn a blind eye to the war brewing in Polis. She belongs in the fight. After killing a group of attackers, she looks to Ilian, her gardening tool transformed into a battle weapon. “This is who I am,” she says. The next time we see Octavia, she is riding into Polis on horseback in the episode’s final scene. Bellame and Clark are in need of a warrior — one with grounder training — to represent Skaikru in the upcoming Conclave. Octavia is just the person for the job.

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‘The Leftovers’ Review: “Don’t Be Ridiculous”

Nora Durst is my favorite Leftovers character. Her no-nonsense, tell it like it is, rational-minded personality would be a joy to watch in any scenario. It’s elevated so much more given the circumstances of this world, and what she’s personally been through. And she has certainly been through a lot. After all, she’s “Nora Cursed”.

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‘The Leftovers’ Review: “The Book of Kevin”

It’s so wonderful to have The Leftovers back.

The third and final season premiere, “The Book of Kevin”, opens with a flashback scene. It serves a similar purpose to last season’s Cavewoman sequence. It sets the tone thematically for the weeks to come. We’re placed in the 1800’s, following a woman and her family as they wait repeatedly for an impending visit from a higher power. Her husband and child eventually give up and leave, but she persists. The event never takes place. The woman alone is left to wander through a nearby town while everyone stares and laughs.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Review: “Mabel”

The straightforward, step-by-step nature of Better Call Saul’s storytelling approach allows us to experience the persistence and cleverness of its characters. In the season three premiere, “Mabel”, Mike methodically tears apart his car, searching for a tracking device. The lengths he will go to find an upper-hand is an example of just how dangerous of an adversary he is. After a brilliant series of steps, he turns the tracking device around on those who planted it. It’s classic Mike, and it never gets old.

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‘Girls’ Review: “Goodbye Tour”

So that’s what Shoshanna has been up to all this time. My one complaint about this otherwise excellent final season of Girls has been the lack of Shosh on my TV screen. She has appeared, but only in support of Ray’s story. Well, “Goodbye Tour” justifies this problem, and manages to give her absence narrative significance.

When Hannah shows up to Shosh’s apartment and discovers she hasn’t been invited to her engagement party (neither did she know Shosh was engaged), it’s a sobering realization of just how distant their relationship has become. This season has focused on Hannah more closely than ever, so it makes sense that Shosh’s major life news is as much of a shock to viewers as it is for Hannah.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Final Thoughts

King Ezekiel rides into Alexandria with his medieval times troupe of warriors, and it’s funny and satisfying in the most absurd way. We’re seven seasons into The Walking Dead, and the writers need to embrace this silliness more often. The rails fell off a long time ago. The show has built itself a world of over-the-top cartoon characters, so why not lean into them?

Instead, showrunner Scott Gimple and his crew seem to think they’re making prestige TV. I cringed during Maggie’s speech in the final moments of this week’s finale, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” It attempts to honor Glenn and bring the entire series together with some profound statement about family and survival. However, it’s forced, unearned, and frankly makes no sense given the context of the episode. The writers think they’re poetic, but come across as pretentious.

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The Americans Review: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

The Jennings are being pulled in so many directions right now. In the opening scene of “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, they sit with Gabriel and run down the list of operations they are currently balancing. At the forefront are the Morozovs, Stan, Pastor Tim, and Paige. In addition to all of this, they must fly out to Topeka and work new sources for the grain operation.

Stopping an attack on Russia’s food supply is a critical mission, but it’s all becoming too much for the the Jennings to handle. Even Elizabeth, who has been the agent most devoted to the cause, wants to find someone else for the job. As she and Phillip mention to Gabriel, Paige requires more of their time. It’s no coincidence that much of this episode centers around their household, following both Paige and Henry. Despite the growing stakes surrounding the cold war, the Jennings are motivated by family above all else.

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