‘The 100’ Review: “DNR”

There are six days left until Pramheda arrives and the world burns. In this episode of The 100, “DNR”, many characters contemplate how they should spend their final days. Ilian is content to lie around at home, free from alliances and war. He tells Octavia there is “not much point in fighting” when the world is ending. But Octavia can’t turn a blind eye to the war brewing in Polis. She belongs in the fight. After killing a group of attackers, she looks to Ilian, her gardening tool transformed into a battle weapon. “This is who I am,” she says. The next time we see Octavia, she is riding into Polis on horseback in the episode’s final scene. Bellame and Clark are in need of a warrior — one with grounder training — to represent Skaikru in the upcoming Conclave. Octavia is just the person for the job.


So yeah, the Conclave. A Hunger Games style fight to the death where the winning group takes the fallout bunker and gets to survive the apocalypse? Count me in. Now, it’s not an ideal situation for Clarke who, as the leader of Skaikru, failed in her attempt at peace. This is hardly her own fault, however, as her allies continue to constantly undermine her decisions.

Clarke does all she can to prevent further conflict, including taking up the role of Commander. It’s a clever move to unite the alliances. She already has Nightblood running through her veins, which is a prerequisite for becoming Commander. She nearly pulls it off, but Abby’s interference ruins the plan. Once again, Abby will not allow her daughter to risk her life. This squanders yet another chance for peaceful resolution. Earlier, Kane makes a decision that undermines Clarke’s relationship with Roan. By striking a deal with Trikru — Roan’s greatest enemy — Kane inadvertently starts a war. When will Kane and Abby learn to stop standing in Clarke’s way, and let her truly lead?

Back in Arkadia, Jaha and Bellame tell everyone about the bunker, unaware of what is going on in Polis. They plan to have all of the residents set out at sunrise. Not everyone is willing to go. Jasper’s party from last episode is still running strong, and its “end of the world” theme remains intact despite the new promise of salvation. Harper decides to join the party, tired of fighting and still mourning the loss of her brother. Monty tells her the bunker is their chance to be safe. She responds with an observation many viewers have undoubtedly shared. “Every time we think that,” she says, “something bad happens.”


For Jasper and Harper, the decision to stay behind isn’t simply cowardice or suicidal. In their eyes, it’s a way to take control of their lives, a privilege they did not always have. Jaha wants to bust down the doors and force them to join him, but Bellame convinces him otherwise. “You sent them down to die,” he tells Jaha, in reference to the original 100’s trip to earth. “The difference now is they have a choice.”

(Anyone else catch this Lost reference?)

Jaha concedes, claiming that a person must decide on their own to “walk the path” to salvation. For Jasper, that salvation comes in the form of his freedom to live by his own terms. As Bellame tells Jasper in their goodbye conversation, “It’s whatever the hell you want.” Monty decides to stay with Harper for now. He claims it’s in the hope that Harper will change her mind before Pramheda arrives, but what purpose does the bunker serve if she won’t be there to join him?

On the island, Raven is still losing her mind, while Murphy and Emori fear they’ve been left behind. Their ride off the island is late to arrive, which causes them to question the loyalty of Clarke and Co. For weeks, Emori has feared she’ll be tossed aside, and Murphy has always been an outsider. Just as they’re set to once again take off on their own, Miller shows up to take them to the bunker.


The only one left to stay on the island now is Raven, who has made the choice to spend her final days in space (but not before sharing a beautifully reminiscent goodbye with Murphy). The ship she’s built can get her there, but will not be able to make a return trip. The voice of Becca — a symptom of Raven’s brain disease — helps Raven realize what she truly wants. She is dying, and nothing can be done to stop it. This causes her to think back to when she was happiest, and is reminded of her spacewalk back on the Arc. We can only hope she’ll have a chance to relive it. It would be a perfect sendoff for one of the show’s best characters.


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