The Best of Comics: March 1st, 2017

I read a lot of comics. You might say too many comics. So I want to highlight the best the medium has to offer every week. Whether it’s a key moment, a piece of stunning artwork, or a major news announcement, I’m setting out to compile all the stuff the cool kids are talking about.

Warning: This post contains plot details for the following series…

Green Lanterns, Batman, Superman, Royal City, and Nailbiter.

First up, Green Lanterns provides a history lesson…


Robson Rocha’s art has appeared in seven issues of the current Green Lanterns run. This latest issue (#18) is by far my favorite. It’s a series that always delivers great spectacle, but the visuals here are especially stunning. Writer Sam Humphries chronicles the rise of Volthoom, the first Lantern. In the page above, we see the creation of the universe’s first ever power ring.

Next, I AM BANE…


Tom King has had the ridiculously difficult task of following Scott Snyder’s legendary Batman run. Well, he’s made the most of it so far. Every month he is able to mix tragedy with humor, and over-the-top craziness with subtle, introspective moments. In Batman #18, we see the much anticipated showdown between Batman and Bane. It’s as bloody and brutal as you’d expect. Yet it’s the sequences in between the big fight, like the one shown above, that impress me the most. King and artist David Finch portray a young Bruce and Bane, both struggling with the deaths of their respective mothers. The parallels are clear, but it’s the subtle differences that show how each character grew up to be the person they are today.

Next, Superman vs. Clark Kent begins…


This week marks the beginning of a hugely important crossover event in Superman comics. For months we’ve witnessed a pair of Clark Kents walk the earth. One is Superman, while the other is a seemingly powerless news reporter. They both somehow share many of the same memories. The origins of the powerless Clark have remained a mystery, but we should be receiving answers very soon. Until then, Superman #18 adds more questions than it provides answers. But that’s still a very good thing.

Above we see Superman’s son begin to disappear. This happens after the mystery Clark shows up at the Kent family residence and drops off a photo album. How does he know where Superman and his family live? Why do Superman’s son and home disappear in front of his eyes? Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason create one hell of a setup here, and I can’t wait for the second installment next week.

Next, Jeff Lemire introduces us to Royal City…


Royal City #1 (2017) - Page 3.jpg

Jeff Lemire is my favorite writer in comics at the moment. This double-sized debut issue is a wonderful read. It revolves around the Pike family and its ties to a once-flourishing city that is now fading and decaying. It explores the lingering effects of a decades-old tragedy, one that results in a stunning final page twist. Lemire’s artwork is mesmerizing and his writing is superb. Royal City #1 is not to be missed.

Finally, Nailbiter wraps up its run, but not without another classic horror homage…

Nailbiter #30 (2017) - Page 2.jpg


Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson end one of my favorite horror comics with Nailbiter #30. I don’t want to spoil too much from later on in the book, so I decided to show off the opening two pages. It takes inspiration from old slasher films, and the contrast between the red and grey colors are beautiful (in the most morbid way). The scene shows us Warren’s first kill, a flashback many fans have surely been waiting for since the very first issue.

So that was what stood out to me this week. I’d love to hear about your favorite moments/artwork/whatever in comics from this (or any) week. So feel free to comment!


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